AI-Based Ad Optimization

Predictive modeling

Spend budget effectively. Traceable performance results. Smart bidding algorithms. Precise audience analysis

Connects to global media

One-stop solution for advertisers

Connect to global online platforms. Enhance ROI and effectiveness for advertisers through advanced optimizations

Standard API Access

Global Marketing Partner Developer

Based on programmatic ad delivery solution. Fast, real-time, accurate

Cover audiences around the globe

High quality traffic. Improve branding propagation

Cover over 230 countries and 2 Billions audiences. Enhance global impressions and effectiveness. Improve branding propagation and conversions

Real-time data feedback

Easy operations and data visualization

Simplified ad delivery process on multiple media. Data visualization on web browser or mobile device.

Fast & Effective

Data-driven feedback

One-stop solution for ad account management. Ad creatives optimization and personalization. Fast strategy iteration. More Effective than manual operations.

About XuanRu

XuanRu builds a word class AI-based marketing platform. We optimize ads delivery online by utilizing large-scale machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Our company provides advertisers with global marketing solutions and services using data-driven approaches and AI techniques to enhance ad ROI and effectiveness.